Steve Hansen

Energy Kinesiologist

Energy kinesiology is a holistic technique that uses muscle testing to uncover hidden ailments and determines and corrects the root cause of illness on a biochemical, genetic, and emotional level.

While traditional medicine heals on a chemical level with drugs, applied kinesiology heals on an energy level. Energy healing effects your energy field on multiple levels, including chakras, acupressure meridians, tree of life, and higher self connection among others.

Energy kinesiology is not a solo diagnostic tool, but rather a part of a complete holistic treatment protocol. Energy healing empowers the body to remove blockages to health and heal itself.

What does energy kinesiology do?

  • Finds what is disturbing or blocking the path to healing
  • Corrects the disturbance
  • Tests if the correction is successful
  • Determines if the correction is sustainable. To reach a sustainable level, multiple sessions may be necessary.

How is muscle testing done?

A minimal amount of pressure is applied to a muscle to assess your ability to meet the pressure and resist. We’re not analyzing your physical strength, but instead are evaluating the response the muscle gives. If the muscle stands up to pressure, it’s deemed “strong” or “locked”; those that give way to pressure are considered “weak” or “unlocked,” and are deemed indicative of a problem.

What can I expect from a session?

Your first session can last from 2-3 hours. The environment is much like a massage room, with music playing and soft lighting. Dress in comfortable clothing as you will be lying on a massage table for most of the session. You may need 2-4 sessions to achieve a lasting correction.

Some areas energy kinesiology can help with:

  • Reverse disease processes
  • Access and correct the cause of pain
  • Alleviate chronic allergies
  • Release past trauma stored in your memory
  • Correct genetic predispositions to certain diseases
  • Identify and match supplements to your individual needs
  • Reduce chronic fatigue by finding underlying contributing factors
  • Determine previously unsuspected food or chemical sensitivities
  • Start treatment before an imbalance progresses to a disease
  • Erase stress and raise focus
  • Long-standing or difficult to diagnose health problems


With over 20 years of experience, Steve is one of very few energy kinesiologists in the San Diego area delivering this revolutionary system of healing.