Optimal Path to health

Integrative Rheumatology Clinic: A Holistic Approach to Care

Finding each person’s optimal path to better health is at the heart of all we do at Institute for Specialized Medicine (IFSMED). Dr. Shikhman has a unique focus on both the innovative and the integrative, IFSMED utilizes traditional and alternative technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune and chronic inflammatory illnesses, as well as a host of other “mystery” conditions. 

Founded in 2008 by renowned rheumatologist, Dr. Alexander Shikhman, IFSMED’s approach is unprecedented – Dr. Shikhman’s rheumatology clinic focuses on an integrative approach to rheumatology including diet modifications, physical therapy, and the use of food supplements.

Diagnostics and Treatment

At IFSMED, our practice relies on state-of-the art diagnostics – leveraging both traditional and “unthinkable” tools to reveal the individual nuances that define a condition. From high-resolution 3D ultrasound and electrodermal screening based on acupuncture meridians, to complex immunological testing and stool and saliva analysis, our ultimate diagnostic goal is to find the causative root of the problem – no matter what it takes.

Obviously, solving the mystery is not enough. The power of medicine is in the treatment. Our rheumatology clinic provides a systematic, holistic approach to care, uniting remarkably diverse traditional and alternative techniques under one roof. These vary from micronutrient therapy to ultrasound-guided joint injections, from acupuncture to high-tech physical therapy or chiropractic orthopedics, from “Western” drugs to customized food supplements.

Moreover, we treat both the disease and the person, and offer a supportive environment in which to sustain your personalized wellness plan.

The ultimate goal of everything we do at IFSMED is to help our patients to achieve their optimal health and to live life to its fullest. We are enormously proud that we can help.

IFSMED’s state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment facility offers:

Meet Our Team

Founder of the Institute for Specialized Medicine, Dr. Alexander Shikhman is a leading clinician and researcher in the field of rheumatology.

Dr. McLarry offers holistic services ranging from detox protocols, nutrition consultations, homeopathic, and botanical medicine.

Neenah Grade is a board certified Physician Assistant with a background in primary care and integrative pain medicine.

Registered nurses specializing in IV infusions run the infusion center at IFSMED.

With 25 years experience, Nicole received her degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

As an Energy Kinesiologist, Steve is one of a handful of people in the country who practice this unique skill.

Michelle has taught a combined 10,000 hours of Pilates in private and group sessions.