Institute For Specialized Medicine

State-of-the-Art Integrative Care for
Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases

Every day someone’s wellness journey begins

As the nation’s first clinic of integrative rheumatology our goal is to help every individual, no matter what their challenge, to identify a clear path for achieving optimal health — and to guide them in their quest.

At IFSMED, we extract the best from traditional and alternative therapy and utilize a scientific and holistic common-sense approach to offer highly individualized patient care — and achieve remarkable results.

Our unparalleled healthcare is combined with compassion to support our patients every step of the way. Help…and hope. That’s IFSMED.

What Sets Us Apart

Unparalleled Diagnostics

With a broad variety of state-of-the-art equipment and testing, we leave no stone unturned until we find the correct diagnosis.

Extensive Therapies

From IV infusions, naturopathic services, and manual therapy you will receive holistic coordinated care all under one roof.

Inclusive Medicine

Integrative rheumatology means we believe the best medicine is a combination of natural and traditional working together to bring results. Medicine the way it should be.

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