Naturopathic SERVICES

Dr. Stacey McLarry, Naturopathic Doctor: San Diego 

Dr. McLarry places special emphasis on the foundational aspects of health and well-being while respecting the fact that each individual requires and deserves personalized care. As a Naturopathic Doctor Dr. McLarry has expertise in helping those with autoimmune disorders, chronic illness, and infection; as well as athletes looking for recovery and peak performance.

From naturopathic pediatrician services for kids to hormone balancing for adults; Dr. McLarry brings an expansive set of naturopath services to San Diego that complement those offered by IFSMED.


NOTE: Under the current health insurance system, most patients in California do not have insurance coverage for services rendered by a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. McLarry explains her process and what a visit with a Nautropathic Doctor is like

My role as a naturopathic doctor

Naturopathic doctors are guided by several key principals, my favorite is the Latin word “Docere” which means “doctor as teacher”. It is my goal to provide my patients with a road map to better health.

This means partnering with each individual patient and learning their story and their goals for well-being. As a guide and teacher for my patients, we work together to find the root cause of any dysfunction in the body and design individualized treatment protocols that will help you regain your optimal state of health.

This is often a dynamic and evolving process that changes as you become more able to take control of your health. I empower you to become more informed about your healthcare options, more involved in making decisions about your health, and more capable of maintaining the best health possible. My protocols take an integrative, whole-body, approach to health, emphasizing less toxic substances that promote natural healing.

If you have an existing doctor or health care protocol, often times I can enhance your care by expanding treatment options, proactively preventing side effects, and improving symptom control.

My ultimate goal is to be a partner and guide on your journey to optimal health.

What are visits with me like?

A crucial part of my relationship with my patients is communication. Initially, one of the most important conversations we will have revolves around getting to know you…your lifestyle, nutrition preferences, work and leisure activities, current and past stressors, environmental influences, genetics, and relevant diagnoses and injuries.

You can expect to spend 1-2 hours at our first visit, telling me all about what is important to you and how I can fit into your health care plan. Together we will evaluate all of the factors that affect your health and create a treatment plan especially designed for your specific needs.

Based on your treatment plan, some visits may involve lab work, treatment modalities such as injections, IV therapy, detoxification therapies, specialized testing, and nutrition analysis. At times I may recommend supplementation or medication if needed.

As we work together we will incorporate new therapies and eliminate ones that are no longer needed, so that you have a dynamic treatment plan aimed at moving you forward on your journey to the healthiest you possible.

What will a treatment plan entail?

Your treatment plan will be as individual as you are. The tests, therapies and protocols will be entirely based on the symptoms that are coming up for you at that specific time. At the core of each plan will be designs to improve your overall well-being and correct any physiological dysfunctions or imbalances in your body. As your body becomes stronger and more balanced, your treatment will shift to maintaining optimal health.

Many plans will include dietary modifications, targeted supplement therapies (oral, IV or both), modalities to enhance detoxification pathways, specific recommendations for exercise, and in some cases medications to help mitigate symptoms while we work on the root cause of illness. The treatment plan will be a road map that we come up with together, that can be implemented successfully in a step wise fashion that goes at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Services Provided

Discovery Session* – 20 minutes – complimentary

This “pre-appointment” is designed to provide prospective patients with a brief introduction to what Naturopathic Medicine is and how our services may compliment or augment your existing wellness practices. As our future visits will be an investment in your health, consider this visit an opportunity to discern whether our services will be the right match for you and your health aspirations.

* Please understand that due to the brief nature of this conversation, no formal diagnoses or therapeutic protocols will be provided during this session.

Initial Appointment – 60 minutes – $350

Take a deep dive into your personal health history. We will discuss your chief concerns and begin the formulation of a personalized therapeutic plan to get to the root of what ails you.

Discuss diagnostic or screening laboratory testing that may be necessary to shed a brighter light on your unique condition and discern the most appropriate place to start. Therapies include, but are certainly not limited to, a thorough evaluation of your diet and nutritional needs, as well as an assessment of your individual health status, including assessment of hormonal balance, genetic factors, acute and chronic health diagnoses and universal determinants of health (sleep, hydration, exercise, stress, environment).

Follow-Up Appointments – 40 minutes – $160

Follow through on the outcomes of the initial visit and accountability toward the goals of ongoing care being provided. Cover any changes since your last visit, to go over your most recent lab work, and/or adjust your therapeutic protocol. 


If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in the San Diego area, please call 858-794-9192 and get on the path to wellness!

IV nutrient therapy is a medical treatment that allows your doctor to provide you with vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing substances directly into circulation, which bypasses the digestive tract and any potential issues of malabsorption. These vital nutrients are infused together within a base solution that very effectively hydrates your body at the cellular level. Higher therapeutic doses of nutrients can be given than is otherwise possible by mouth without intestinal irritation.

Advanced Detoxification and Drainage – $250

For those experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate body toxicity (i.e. — headaches, brain fog, fatigue, mild body aches, skin disruptions, and minor alterations in bowel habits). The formula includes deeply nourishing vitamins and minerals combined with synergistic homeopathic remedies directed at reinforcing your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) in a base solution targeting systemic hydration. Optimally combined with a glutathione push for its additional support of detoxification & immune-modulation.

Detoxification and Drainage – $200

Enhance the function of your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) and works best when combined with other forms of detoxification support (nutritional cleanse, sauna with oxygen therapy, and/or exercise with oxygen therapy, etc.). Recommended as a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly infusions.

Energy and Clarity – $200

Provide your cells with the necessary signaling to properly and efficiently run the biochemical engine housed within the mitochondria. Recommended as a series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly infusions.

Immunity and Resilience – $200

Designed to call your immune cells into action and direct your defenses to where they are needed most.Recommended bi-weekly during an acute infection or weekly throughout autumn and winter to establish ongoing resilience.

Rest and Recovery – $200

Assist in the facilitation of restful sleep by gently eliciting relaxation pathways without forcing sedation. Recommended as a series of weekly or bi-weekly infusions as needed for deep recuperation.


If you are looking for safe, trusted IV therapy in San Diego call us at 858-794-9192

Detoxification and Drainage – $45

Designed to enhance the function of your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) and works best when combined with other forms of detoxification support (nutritional cleanse, sauna with oxygen therapy, and/or exercise with oxygen therapy, etc.). Recommended as a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Energy and Clarity – $45

Designed to provide your cells with the necessary signaling to properly and efficiently run the biochemical engine housed within the mitochondria. Recommended as a series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Immunity and Resilience – $45

Designed to call your immune cells into action and direct your defenses to where they are needed most. Recommended bi-weekly during an acute infection or weekly throughout autumn and winter to establish ongoing resilience.

Rest and Recovery – $45

Designed to assist in the facilitation of restful sleep by gently eliciting relaxation pathways without forcing sedation. Recommended as a series of weekly or bi-weekly injections as needed for deep recuperation.

Therapeutic Sauna

The purpose of sauna therapy is to directly impact cardiovascular, respiratory, mental-emotional, immunological, and musculoskeletal health while engaging the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Though our sauna protocols are highly individualized and customizable based on patient comfort and preferences, typical sessions are <30 minutes in duration and heated to between 105-120°F. We couple each sauna session with the use of pure oxygen being provided through a mask, which promotes systemic oxygenation leading to enhanced cellular energy production, metabolism, and modulation of immunity.

Reasons to enjoy this therapy include:

  • Hypertension
  • Chronic neck, back, and joint/muscle pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Stress reduction
  • Brain fog
  • Obesity
  • Chronic infection
  • Sport injuries
  • Improvement of athletic performance

Reasons to NOT use this therapy:

  • Pre-Existing Cardiac Conditions (arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, etc.)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Acute infection/inflammation (presenting with a fever or other acute symptoms)
  • Acute thermal skin lesions (sunburn or other superficial burns)
  • Thermally-induced seizures/fainting
  • Pregnancy
  • Lack of thermosensitivity

Ozone Steam Sauna with Oxygen Therapy- 30 minutes – $70

This experience combines the traditionally foundational healing therapeutics of a humid steam sauna with the additional benefits of ozone therapy, which include the stimulation of anti-oxidant systems, modulation of the immune system, and inhibition of infectious agents (i.e. – bacteria, fungi, etc.).

Far Infrared Sauna with Oxygen Therapy- 30 minutes – $60

Infrared saunas elicit their health promoting effects by utilizing the emission of energy wavelengths in the infrared range in order to activate the metabolic and physiologic activities of the tissues close to the surface of the skin, namely the superficial blood vessels, sweat glands, and nerve receptors.

Stationary Bicycle with Oxygen Therapy- 15-30 minutes – $2/minute

Prompt your body’s natural detoxification pathways to perform their vital tasks with improved efficiency! While the aerobic exercise innately seeks to improve your cardiovascular health overall, the addition of oxygen therapy enhances the efficiency of your blood flow, encourages your tissues to absorb vital nutrients, and detoxify cellular waste.This therapy is highly complementary to either infusion services or sauna therapies.

Whole-Body Detoxification & Drainage Intensive – $600 (An $800 value!)

This intensive session provides multiple therapies synergistically combined to activate systemic detoxification and drainage from deep within. Over the course of 3-4 hours, you will be guided through the process of gentle detoxification and relaxation.

All of the following services are included:

  1. Lymphatic Massage or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy – Either of these “pre-treatment” options are designed to increase the flow of toxins and metabolic waste products out of the tissues and into circulation where they can then be bound and eliminated throughout the next phases of treatment.
  2. IV Chelation + Homeopathic Drainage Infusion – This stage of the intensive is appropriate to both open up the drainage pathways while also binding/chelating these undesirable substances and carrying them toward their elimination.
  3. Ozone Steam or Far-Infrared Sauna with Oxygen Therapy – The next stage is the continuance of enhancing both the metabolic processes while further opening the channels of detoxification and drainage through the sweat while also promoting relaxation and subtly revitalizing energy from deep within yourself.
  4. IV Nourishing Re-Mineralization Infusion – The final phase is not only designed to rehydrate your body but also provide it with deeply nourishing vitamins and minerals to replenish your vitality and restore electrolyte balance after such an intensive session.

Heavy Metal IV Chelation Therapy – $220 initial – $320 ongoing

For people who have documented exposure or clinical signs of heavy metal toxicity, intravenous chelation may be an appropriate next step to bind and eliminate these toxic materials from your system. Chelation is a process of “provoking” your body to bind and eliminate toxic metals by infusing a chelating agent intravenously.

After an initial consult, your first chelation infusion session will include pre-/post urine toxic metal testing to determine the nature and extent of your exposure. This involves the collection of a urine sample the morning of your session, receiving the IV, then collecting another urine sample 6 hours after. Both of these urine samples will be dispatched for laboratory testing and the comparative results will assist in identifying the best next step for your optimal care.

Hormones and neurotransmitters are the body’s messengers. They send signals to every cell in the body with a unique set of instructions for operation. Under optimal conditions, they work together to help maintain homeostasis and harmony in the body, creating a state of health and wellbeing. When the body is under stress, malnourished, infected, or otherwise compromised, these signals are often disrupted and unwanted symptoms occur. 

Taking a deep look at key hormones and neurotransmitters in the body, can reveal which signals have gone awry and need adjusting. The solution is often less complicated than you imagine. Looking at the body’s signaling system as a whole can help reveal the root cause of the disruption and enables quicker restoration of optimal functioning.

Assessment and Balance may include:
Thyroid Hormones
Female Reproductive Hormones (pre, peri, and post menopause)
Male Reproductive Hormones (all stages of life)
Adrenal Hormones
Pituitary Hormones

Hormone balancing for Men

Testosterone is the major hormone associated with optimal male functioning, however there are hundreds of other hormones in the male body that play a big role in feeling healthy. Hormone balancing for men takes a look at many hormone levels in the body and how individual lifestyles may be effecting hormone balance. There is not a one size fits all approach to hormone balancing for men. Your individual program will depend on your unique hormone profile and your preference of treatment options which may include hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle modifications, targeted supplementation and therapeutic diet. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or simply are not feeling your best, an appointment focused on hormone balancing may be right for you.

Symptoms addressed:
• Fatigue and decreased energy levels
• Loss of muscle mass and/or strength
• Mood swings, depression, lack of motivation
• Reduced sexual desire
• Trouble initiating or maintaining an erection or fewer erections
• Weight gain

Life naturally has its ups and downs. However, there may be times when the downs feel harder to navigate or you just don’t feel yourself. These feelings are a sign that your body and mind may need some extra attention. Low mood, changes in sleep patterns, changes in appetite or weight, deriving less enjoyment from hobbies, tearfulness or lack of emotions, change in temperament or personality, feelings of uneasiness or worry, lack of concentration, change in activity level, inability to relax and disconnect, and concerning negative thoughts, are some of the signs that may indicate imbalances in the body and brain. There are many reasons these disturbances can occur. 

Adults and children alike can benefit from a comprehensive naturopathic evaluation to determine if a natural route of treatment could help restore mental and emotional balance.

Thyroid Disorders

Your thyroid gland releases specific hormones that travel throughout your body, effecting many body functions. These include blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, metabolism, body temperature and even your mood. Over production or under production of these specific hormones can cause various types of dysfunction in the body. Because your thyroid hormones interact with other hormones in your body, it is important to get a comprehensive overall view of your health and hormone levels in your body. Such information will allow a specific plan to optimize your thyroid health and regulate your thyroid hormone production and utilization can be created.

Some common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction include:
• Anxiety
• Difficulty concentrating
• Dry skin and hair
• Fatigue
• Increased sensitivity to high temperatures
• Irritability
• Joint and muscle pain
• Rapid heart rate
• Unintentional weight loss or gain

Cardiovascular Disease

Your heart is undeniably one of the most important organs of your body. Along with your blood vessels, your cardiovascular system needs to remain healthy to ensure that blood is properly circulating and delivering life giving nutrients to every cell of your body. When the cardiovascular system is compromised by narrowed or blocked vessels you may experience chest pain, stroke or heart attack.

Other forms of cardiac dysfunction include disorders that effect the heart’s muscle, valves or rhythm. While more advanced forms for cardiovascular disease will require management by a specialist, there are measures you can take to prevent cardiovascular disease and reverse mild cardiovascular disease. If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a family history of cardiovascular disease, a naturopathic cardiac wellness consultation may be indicated for you as many forms of cardiovascular disease can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices!


Diabetes occurs when the sugar that cells use for energy can’t get into cells and instead remain in the blood. You may have heard this referred to as “high blood sugar”. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, is required to give sugar access to your body’s cells. There are a few reasons that diabetes occurs. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas fails to make insulin. Type 2 diabetes occurs when over consumption of sugar and foods that turn to sugar in the body, has created insulin receptor resistance. In essence the over-abundance of sugar in the blood has worn out the insulin receptors and they no longer function properly. Both types of diabetes result in the body’s cells being starved of the glucose (sugar) that they need to function.

Type 1 diabetes requires replacing insulin in the body for the lifetime of the individual. Type 2 diabetes may be controlled and in some cases reversed with diet, lifestyle changes and therapeutic supplementation. Patients with either type of diabetes can benefit from naturopathic care. If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or a family history of diabetes, a naturopathic consult could be the first step in managing or preventing the disease.

Each person on earth contains a completely unique genome. Genes are made up of DNA which provide instructions to the body on how to function. Knowing your exact “set of instructions” can help navigate how to properly support your body. 

Genes operate in different ways during different stages of life depending on the age and health of the body. Genetic testing has produced some popular consumer websites, which can be a lot of fun, but can sometimes lead to a misunderstanding of the role that genetics play in our body. 

Medical grade genetic testing can provide more accurate results and, with the guidance of a doctor, can be a valuable tool in fully understanding your individual needs.

Food Sensitivity / Intolerances

As individuals we are all sensitive to different environmental elements, and this includes the food that we eat. Our genetics, our ancestral background and our unique gut microbiome, can all effect our unique reactions to different foods. Sometimes gastrointestinal (stomach) upset or changes in bowel habits can alert us to certain foods that we can’t tolerate. 

However it is not always that simple. 

Food sensitivities and intolerances can cause many symptoms that we would not normally associate with food. Joint and muscle pain, low mood or anxiety, brain fog and low energy and changes in weight are just a few of the symptoms that food sensitivities can cause. Though specialized testing and a complete history, food sensitivities and intolerances can be uncovered and avoided, leading to a more optimal state of health.

Intestinal Permeability a.k.a. “Leaky Gut”

Have you head of “leaky gut”? Have you wondered exactly what leaky gut is and if you potentially have it? Intestinal permeability otherwise known as leaky gut, is a condition that prevents the intestines from functioning properly. Under healthy conditions the intestines allow digested nutrients to enter the blood stream while prohibiting harmful toxins from entering.

Intestinal permeability means that the tight junctions between intestinal cells are compromised, thus harmful substances can enter the blood stream and wreak havoc on the body. The result is unwanted symptoms ranging from intestinal upset, joint pain, hormone dysfunction, poor mood and more. The good news is that leaky gut can be repaired, and symptoms can be eliminated. Because the health of the gut is tied to the health of every other organ system, it is imperative to keep your gut functioning properly. An individualized plan of how to achieve optimal gut health can be tailored especially for you.

As we go through life, the body is exposed to innumerable pathogens, stressors and environmental pollutants. Even the healthiest person is exposed to chemicals, allergens and microbes. Certain exposures, such as infection, heavy metals, mold, and environmental toxins can create deficiencies in vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals, all of which are necessary for the body to function at full capacity. 

Even the medications that we take to help our bodies overcome illness can have lasting side effects on the very constituents that we need to function properly. 

A detailed dive into your health and environmental history can help determine which vital elements you may be missing, and give insight as to how to best support your optimal health.

Naturopathic Doctors are fully trained to diagnose, order and interpret lab tests and prescribe treatment. If your family is looking for a primary care provider with special training in natural treatment options for acute or chronic health issues, a naturopathic doctor could be the right fit for you.

Common health concerns treated include:

  • ADHD
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Athletic performance
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction
  • Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Optimization of wellness
  • Otitis media (ear infection)
  • Preventative health care
  • Weight management
  • Well child exams

Weight Loss

If you have unintentionally gained weight or are no longer able to maintain a healthy body weight, you may be wondering what is going on with your body. Many factors contribute to the body’s ability to maintain a proper metabolism and utilize nutrients efficiently.

Chronic illness and infection can further frustrate the body’s attempts to maintain a consistent weight. Hormones, environmental toxins, food choices and ability to exercise are common factors in weight loss, however, the answer is sometimes a bit more complicated.

Your unique physiology, lifestyle, and contributing factors will be addressed and a comprehensive plan will be created to assist you in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

Naturopathic Pediatrician Services

Our children’s health is often a greater concern than our own. Today’s children are exposed to an increasing amount of environmental allergens and toxins which unfortunately leads to children feeling uncomfortable or ill more often. Trying to mitigate allergies, viral and bacterial illnesses while striving to optimize a child’s health can be a full time job. Indeed, a sick child can mean pain for the child, lost sleep for the whole family, missed days of school and work, and increased stress for everyone involved.

The good news is that many common childhood complaints can be prevented and treated with natural medicine. If you are looking for a naturopathic pediatrician services from a doctor with extensive training in natural treatment options for your child don’t hesitate to call us at 858-794-9192.

Common conditions treated:
• ADHD / Autism / Anxiety
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Cold and flu symptoms
• Cough / Sore throat
• Individualized diet plans to optimize health
• Otitis media (ear infection)
• Preventative health care
• Stomach aches
• Well child exams

Dr. McLarry is guided by the following principles:

First do no harm

The naturopathic doctor seeks to employ the least invasive and least forceful means of diagnosis and therapy necessary while diminishing the chance of harmful side-effects.

The healing power of nature

Recognizing the inherent self-healing properties of all living things, the naturopathic doctor seeks to identify and facilitate the removal of the obstacles that may be preventing a patient from the path to recovery.

Identify and treat the cause

Rather than simply eliminating or suppressing symptoms that manifest themselves on the surface, the naturopathic doctor endeavors to treat the underlying root cause of the patient’s condition.

Treat the whole person

When treating one’s patient, the naturopathic doctor takes into account all of the intricate facets that make each patient unique in order to truly harmonize the chosen therapeutic protocol (the biopsychosocial model of health).

Doctor and teacher

Naturopathic doctors are not only clinicians but also educators and patient advocates while empowering their patients to make fully informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.


Naturopathic medicine endeavors to prevent illness before a patient’s genetics, risk factors, and other propensity for disease are allowed to fully manifest themselves.