Succinic Acid

gluten free succinic acid

Succinic acid or amber acid is a dicarboxylic acid and is an essential component of the Krebs or citric acid cycle, a key metabolic pathway regulating respiratory chain in mitochondria.

Succinic acid expresses various biologic activities: 1) it serves as a natural antibiotic due to its modest acidic or caustic nature; 2) it reduces fatigue and improves brain performance; 3) it decreases gastric secretion relaxes gastric/duodenal smooth muscles; 4) it eases perimenopausal hot flashes; 5) it reduces the effects of hangovers by activating the degradation of acetaldehyde - a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism - into CO2 and H2O through aerobic metabolism; 6) it reduces hyperactivation of immune system associated with acute and chronic infectious processes; 7) it normalizes immune responses in patients with chronic inflammatory (reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) and autoimmune diseases (lupus); 8) it reduces joint pain associated with osteoarthritis; 9) it accelerates iron absorption; 10) it normalizes adrenal function; 11) it improves glucose control and protects liver function.

Intravenously administered succinic acid and its salts are available in Europe and Russia for treatment of septic shock and organ failure.


Typical indications for use of succinic acid in humans include:

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Dosage Information: The recommended standard dose of succinic acid is 500 or 1000 mg taken twice a day. It has been described, that patients with chronic inflammatory or autoimmune diseases may benefit from much high doses (10,000 or even 40,0000 mg a day). The doses above 2000 mg a day should be administered under strict physician’s supervision.


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