IFSMED utilizes medical acupuncture almost exclusively to treat local or regional musculoskeletal problems such as:

•    neck and shoulder pain
•    rotator cuff syndrome and frozen shoulder
•    tennis and golfer’s elbows
•    carpal tunnel syndrome
•    low back pain
•    knee pain
•    various forms of tendonitis and bursitis

We offer acupuncture only to patients who have a potential of benefiting from this procedure.

Most of the acupuncture techniques involve the use of thin metal needles which typically cause the patient minimal to no pain and can result in a feeling of relaxation or energy, depending on the patients themselves. After insertion, the needles are stimulated with low power electrical impulses to increase the efficacy of acupuncture. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete a single acupuncture treatment. Typically, it takes 6 to10 acupuncture treatments to create a sustainable response.

At IFSMED, we pride ourselves on using only the best nontraditional therapies in La Jolla and Del Mar including medical acupuncture.

To find more information about our acupuncture approach to treat musculoskeletal diseases, call IFSMED at (858) 794-9192 or send us an e-mail at